Sowing Seeds for Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 2005 whose mission is to provide food for the hungry, respond to emergencies for those in need, and to eliminate hunger in the communities in which we serve.

From distribution to 100 families in December of 2007, we have grown and now serve over 7,000 people and families in the Los Angeles and Inland Valley area every month.

SSFL is a part of Feeding America whose mission is “feeding America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engaging our country in the fight to end hunger in our local communities.”

SSFL strives to not only help with immediate needs, but to begin a relationship encompassed in trust so we may help with other needs such as clothing, education, and housing.

Through the help of gracious donors from the community and beyond and with help from our amazing volunteers, SSFL distributes food regularly, every first and third Wednesday of each month.

SSFL is deeply committed to planting educational seeds in the minds and spirits of the community’s children. We believe in helping to harvest an educated and healthy crop of young people to successfully lead our community into the future.

It is our devout hope that those who receive SSFL goods and services will be strengthened in mind, body, and spirit.