So you’d like to Volunteer


Why Volunteer?

Volunteer work includes all ages, diverse religious and ethnic groups. Individuals with varied ability levels and economic resources can provide useful services. You can be a productive team member, meet other people who share your convictions, and have fun! Volunteers are the lifeblood of many non-profits, and Sowing Seeds relies heavily on the goodwill of their volunteer corps to helps serve our mission to involve, educate, and unite people in the work to end hunger.

  • You will be offered meaningful and valued work.
  • The food you help select, sort, and pack will provide meals for people who seek emergency food assistance.
  • You will work with organized, trained, caring professionals.
  • You will work in a clean and safe area.
  • You will enjoy hands-on work and meet other like-minded volunteers.
  • You can choose service opportunities where your interests can help fill SSFL needs.
  • You will feel great about yourself, because you can make a positive contribution to your community!
  • You will make a difference and we thank you!

What Motivates our Volunteers?

If you ask 100 people, you will probably get 100 different answers. Here are some we hear most often at SSFL:

  • Personal satisfaction from meaningful work which contributes directly to my community;
  • Humanitarian insight into the problems of waste, hunger and poverty;
  • Putting beliefs into action;
  • Educational and interesting work experience.

What Services do Volunteers Perform?

  • We ask volunteers to work in our warehouse processing area, which represents the heart of SSFL FoodBank’s operations. You will be trained to conscientiously check, clean, label, sort, and box salvage food and non-food packaged items.
  • Special fund-raising events such as the SSFL Golf Tournament and the Holiday Drive are always in need of helping hands and minds to perform a variety of services.
  • SSFL provides many other specialized volunteer areas that need staffing on a regular basis. Such opportunities include:
  • food stamp outreach;
  • becoming a member of SSFL Speakers’ Bureau and speaking on behalf of SSFL at community events;
  • working closely with our partner agencies to further communication and monitor their compliance with SSFL guidelines;
  • packing bags, loading and unloading trucks, and driving for SSFL.
  • office and computer based work.

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Volunteer Qualifications

  • Good judgment
  • Willingness to follow instructions and work cooperatively as a team member
  • Ability to perform and follow through on unsupervised duties on an individual basis
  • Commitment to quality and excellence


Scheduling Options

Volunteers are encouraged to work 2 hour shifts to keep teams working smoothly.

Warehouse processing takes place:

  • Monday-Thursday (9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm).
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings (4pm-6pm and 6pm-8pm),
  • Every Saturday (9am-12pm and 1pm-3:00pm)
  • Special projects take place year round: “on call”, evening, weekends, and holidays

How you can get involved

Call our Volunteer Coordinator during office hours to discuss our flexible scheduling options. You’ll get a warm welcome from our professional staff and lots of information on volunteer opportunities.

Questions? We welcome them! Whether you become an active volunteer at this time or not, we’re always glad to talk about SSFL’s role in our community.

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