West Coast Ultrasound Institte personnel.

Representing the Ontario campus of the West Coast Ultrasound Institute at a Sowing Seeds for Life food pantry were, from left, Nazanin Mahdaui, Bethany Rudd, Amanda Huizar, Richard Armstrong, Dr. Hany Nashed, Chandler Dixon and health care consultant and SSFL volunteer Paulette Young. Conducting a screening on SSFL volunteer and La Verne Chamber of Commerce CEO Brian McNerney is instructor Steven Valdivia. McNerney, an Irishman, is wearing a green hat all month in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Sowing Seeds for Life, through an arrangement with the Ontario campus of the West Coast Ultrasound Institute, will be providing free ultrasound screening and blood pressure testing for all those attending its upcoming twice-a-month food pantry giveaways at the DPI Labs parking lot at 1350 Arrow Highway in La Verne. The next food pantry is March 19, from 1-5 p.m.

West Coast Ultrasound Institute will be there for the duration conducting screenings that can detect possible artery blockages that could lead to a serious or life threatening complications. Also, blood pressure tests will be available as well.

Students and other representatives from the Ontario ultrasound institute, a school specializing in imagining and nursing, were at the last Sowing Seeds for Life food pantry on March 5 and set up two work stations.

At one station were nursing students taking blood pressure. At the other were ultrasound and imaging students, assisted by instructor Steven Valdivia, checking for blocked arteries. “We’re looking for any kind of blockage,” said Dr. Hany Nashed, a director at the institute who was at the ultrasound and imaging station. “If we find any, we would recommend a full scan.” Added Nashed: “We conceivably could be saving someone’s life here.”

     Vicki Brown,  the CEO of Sowing Seeds for Life, said: “It is great to have the people from the West Coast Ultrasound Institute to add to the many services we offer to people in need.”
      Brown credited SSFL volunteer Paulette Young for arranging the participation by the West Coast Ultrasound Institute. Paulette is the owner and CEO of a company called Health Care Consultants, which created a training program called Health and Safety In A Child Care Setting that was approved by the Emergency Medical Service of California.
    “Paulette Young is a godsend,” Brown said. “She does so much for Sowing Seeds for Life and the people we serve.”
     Also taking part in the March 5 pantry were 20 business students from the University of La Verne’s Enactus chapter. Enactus is an organization involving college business students from around the world. The Enactus members from ULV usually offer job counseling at Sowing Seeds pantries, but this week they were needed to help hand out food and produce.
     Sowing Seeds for Life conducts a food pantry the first and third Wednesday of every month from 1-5 p.m. at the DPI Labs, 1350 Arrow Highway in La Verne. The non-profit provides food and service to some 6,000 people per month.
       The Ontario campus of the West Coast Ultrasound Institute is located at 3700 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite 235, Ontario CA 91754.  Also at  the location (Suite 250) is WCUI’s Ultrasound Institute Medical Group, which is a low cost imaging center open to the public. The low cost imaging center offers a range of difference ultrasound examinations at affordable prices. The exams require a doctor’s prescription.
     A diagnostic ultrasound is $50, a vacularor and echocardiogaphy exam is $75, and a 3D/4D OB ultrasound exam is $45. Free OB screenings are performed by students with instructor guidance for various charitable organizations.
The imaging center is  open Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The number to make an appointment is (909) 483-5550.
     The Sowing Seeds for Life number is (909) 392-5777.