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The Sponsor the Pantries program is a donor-sponsored food distribution pantry program.  Sowing Seeds For Life Pantry Program serves low-income citizens and neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County each week by providing fresh produce and other nutritious food directly to families and individuals in Los Angeles who struggle to make ends meet. The need for these distributions is high and we encourage donors to consider adding to our delivery schedule by becoming a sponsor.

The Pantry Program, which includes Sponsor the Pantries, distributes 2.5 million pounds of produce, shelf stable, and other food items annually. With each delivery, the truck transports a minimum of 5,000 pounds of fruit, vegetables, and dry goods directly to low-income communities, providing food to more than 150 families.

Your $2,500 commitment will help SSFL cover the expense of acquiring and transporting thousands of pounds of fresh food and you and your team can be directly involved in bringing much-needed assistance to struggling families in cities across Los Angeles County. Being a sponsor and providing onsite volunteers for the food distribution brings philanthropy full-circle by financially sponsoring the cost of the pantry, and seeing firsthand as volunteers the immediate impact of your generosity during a distribution.

To become a Pantry Sponsor, please contact us at Sowing Seeds For Life by filling out this form and we will call you directly.

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